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Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development

2014 Profiles

Curry Sexton and Cody Whitehair, Football Players

Jeff Davidson, Western Music Association

Mark Remmert and Kevin Ireland, Green Dot Holdings

Rani Force, Marie Antoinette's Bake Shop

Doug Routh, R-TECH

Brenda Edleston, TRAC-7

Ed O'Malley, For the Common Good

Katie Uhlaender, Olympian

Ben Weber, Completely Nuts

Sue Smith, Emma Chase Cafe

Julie Roller, Kansas Sampler Festival

Thad Wende, Wende Woodworking

Scott Halsey, Adapa USA

Mike Hilderbrand, Roto-Mix

Dennis Vanderpool, Associated Youth Services

Jim Armstrong, Living History Day

Lori and Tom Parker, Kansas White Way Car Run

Steve Irsik, Agribusiness Entrepreneur, Ingalls, Part 1

Steve Irsik, Royal Farms Dairy, Ingalls, Part 2

Steve Irsik, 4-H Outreach to Spanish Speaking Families, Southwest Kansas, Part 3

Sherrie Conklin, Forgotten Item Market

Roger Ringer, The Bunkhouse Bed and Breakfast at Wildfire Ranch

Matt Wolters, Surefire Ag

June Hilbert, High Heels to Gumboots

Rosslyn Schultz, Grass-Roots Art Center

Rosslyn Schultz, Bowl Plaza

Erika Nelson, World's Largest Things

Logan Mize, Nashville Recording Artist

Jill Martin, Nashville Recording Artist

Tad Felts, Phillipsburg, Part 1

Tad Felts, Phillipsburg, Part 2

Lonnie Berger, Every Man a Warrior

Roger Hubert, Barn Preservation

Roger Hubert, Barn Alliance

Tom Taylor, High Plains Journal

Craig Smith, Agribusiness Professor

Shevy Smith, Writer

Paul Shirley, Basketball Player and Writer

Ward Morgan, CivicPlus

Matthew Contreras, T&M Concrete

Annie Wilson, Tallgrass Express String Band

Carl Reed, Tallgrass Express String Band

Carolyn Harms, Committed Volunteer

Jonathan Truman and Weston Hiebert, Small Town Athletes

Tom Miller, Ag Pilot

Jim Correll, Ice House Entrepreneurship

Jim Correll, Fab Lab

Basil Dannebohm, Legislator

Donita Whitney Bammerlin, Swingin Spurs

Annie Wilson, Flint Hills Christmas Night

Mike Frisbie, Frisbie Construction

Dennis Reynolds, Somerset Ridge Winery