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Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development

2013 Profiles

Kansas Leadership Center
David Lambert, Furniture Repair Shop
Rod Huse, Jake's Wire Tighteners
Dolph Simons Jr, Lawrence Journal-World, Part 1
Dolph Simons Jr, Lawrence Journal-World, Part 2
Perry and Sherry Wiley, Panhandle Railroad Museum
Darin Grimm, AgChat
K-State Leadership Seminar
Bob Bunting, Bunting Magnetics
Mike Braxmeyer, Williams Brothers Supermarket
Kathy Fox, Project Rescue of Amazon Youth
Joan Nothern, PRIDE and Community Foundation
Nick Gerety, Gerety Tractor and Equipment
Derek Klingenberg, Klingenberg Farm Studios
Greg Peterson, Peterson Farm Brothers
Phyllis Hager, Stafford Mercantile
Mary Jo Taylor, Stafford Entrepreneur and Economic Development Center
Clare Moore, Henderson Inn and Retreat Center
Butler County
Jason Wiebe, Jason Wiebe Dairy
Jeff Hanson, Baseball Museum
Larry and Peggy Winkler, Meatloaf Festival
Matt Wilson, Invena Corporation
Randy Rundle, Fifth Avenue Antique Auto
Becky and John Conway, Rafter JB Chuckwagon
David Holthaus, KS Farms Manufacturing
Pat Lyons, Lyons Twin Mansions
Lisa Johnson, Leap of Faith Soap Shoppe and Fiber Farm
Randy Tosh, SmartVet
Bob Schmidt, Eagle Communications
Gary Shorman, Eagle Communications
Jerry and Debbie Brown, Rev Honey
Gary Musselman, Kansas State High School Activities Association
Dr. Fred Rohles
Brenda Chance, League of Kansas Municipalities
Carrie Sanborn, Rope Creations
Lynda Sproules and Bruce Breslow, Moon Marble Company  
Matt and Bronwyn Douglas, Kistner's Flowers
Carlos Navarro, Santa Maria Ranch, Part 1
Carlos Navarro, Santa Maria Ranch, Part 2
Lori Lennen, Trail City Bed and Breakfast
Derral and Sheila Sommerfeld, Classic Reproduction Wagon Works
Ben Fallin, Motion Graphics Designer
Don Dane, Artist
Liz Sosa, Inkt Graphics, Part 1
Liz Sosa, PowerUps, Part 2
Ed Thompson, Architect
Christie Brungardt, Jana's Campaign
Edwina Whitmer, Zenda Christmas Parade
Faye Minium, Morland Mercantile
Mike Frakes, PacLeader