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Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development

Leadership Grants and Awards

 Leadership Grants and Awards

 The Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development and Huck Boyd Foundation, with support from the Kansas Health Foundation, are pleased to announce the following:

 1) 2014 Kansas Leadership Connector Award, to honor those who have done an outstanding job in encouraging collaboration among partners and who have provided outstanding leadership in connecting people and programs for positive community purposes.  The Grand Champion has a $1,000 donation made to the charity of the winner's choice.  As selected through an independent review process, here are the 2014 Winners:

Wayne Ledbetter, Perry (Grand Champion)

Wayne was nominated by the Perry PRIDE program.  Excerpts from his nomination:

       “He communicates in an empathetic way with people every day in his positions as a teacher, county commissioner, coach, father, grandfather and friend.  He shares his knowledge and insight when needed…One of his most helpful strengths is the ability to see the merits and flaws in an idea coupled with an ability to tactfully and clearly communicate those….Wayne is invaluable….Wayne is talented in bringing the right people together for the right reasons…..His passion and enthusiasm for bringing ideas and resources together is evident….He continuously works to grow the area through making new relationships and building old ones….Wayne Ledbetter is an inspiration to our community.”

Also winning the award:

Faye Minium, Morland

Christy Hopkins, Greeley County


 2) Grants for Community and Collegiate Leadership Projects, to be utilized to implement a project of community or local need as identified through an educational leadership development program that is community-based or college and university-based.  Congratulations to the grant recipients.  Contact the Huck Boyd Institute directly for more information on the leadership grants.